Thursday, 12 June 2008

Break Free

Now if you could just open this door, world domination can commence.

"Charlie, get out here".
"What do you mean the floors cold"!
"Ok we can start world domination tomorrow; it is a little chilly… maybe a little nap would help to brave the British weather".

Soots aka Mr.Tinkles

My name is Soots aka Mr.Tinkles:
I am also into a major power trip and will settle for nothing less than total domination. I look like I sleep a lot to deceive my humans with my cuteness, when really I am plotting our takeover. Back to making big plans; if you could just pass me my notebook and pen…

Charile aka Calico

My name Charlie aka Calico:
My limo driving skills are limited but I can command a piece of string with my paw, “yikes, what’s that behind me”…

It’s true I spend a lot of time looking asleep (anywhere), but really I am a deep thinker; oh yes that’s right we are taking over the world, should get some rest first.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Simon aka Diemitri

My name is Simon aka Diemitri Kennelkof:
Some who I care not to mention (Soots) say I am on the large size, but I am really a lean, mean, cat machine. I can pin down a teddy bear with my sheer weight. Favourite foods are lettuce and cod steaks. Hobbies include meowing for food and eating it.

How old is your cat in human years